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Creating snow with PF source Continue Reading

Creating snow with PF source

Here's one way to create a realistic snow on an object. For example, I took a tree that was divided into two objects, a tree and a large branch as a single object and a small branch as another object, due to the optimization of the particle (PF) use on the objects themselves. So let's go:
Dirty Wall: Vray material Continue Reading

Dirty Wall: Vray material

To get as real rendering as possible, it is important to create a material that is not completely perfect, and avoid the plasticity of the material. This is achieved by using complex map that mix more materials. In this example, we will see one of the common ways to create a dirty wall using Vray. Of course this technique is used for other complex materials.
Creating carpet using VrayFur Continue Reading

Creating carpet using VrayFur

There are several ways to create carpets (Displacement, Hair and Fur ...) In this case, I will use VrayFur.
Creating snow with PArray-a Continue Reading

Creating snow with PArray-a

This method is very similar to the creation of snow with PF Sourca. Maybe it's easier for someone, so he can decide for it. Both of them belong to the Particle System. For starters, it is very important to note that Parray will place particles on our entire object (mesh). It is very important to create a mesh where we want snow to appear. So let's go.
Creating bedding with the help of Marvelous Designer Continue Reading

Creating bedding with the help of Marvelous Designer

To create any fabric, there are various modifiers and tools in the 3d software itself, so in 3ds Max and Maya there are cloth, mcloth (3ds Max) or ncloth (Maya). Although these modifiers and tools are very good and useful for most things, there is a professional program for fashion designers that can do all that, and much more than that. The advantage of the Marvelous Designer in comparison to the mentioned modifiers and tools is that it supports a larger number of polygons, more settings, and the simulation itself takes place much faster and all in an environment that is more than comfortable.
We Are Hiring - 3d Artist Continue Reading

We Are Hiring - 3d Artist

Grayroom Studio, based in Niš, opens the position of "3D Artists in Architectural Visualization". Position includes creating scenes in 3d environment, rendering, sense of composition and realistic rendering.